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Hello Udaipurites!

Navratras are just round the corner and we all are excited for the Garba Nights. Aren’t we? Garba Night- the musical festival filled with joy, laughter and happiness- essentially brings out the hidden teenager inside us. Dhols, Dandiya, Kachli- choli in mirror work and lots & lots of food! What’s there to not love about Dandiya? Soon there would be a number of resorts, hotels and clubs in Udaipur- coming up with Garba Night functions. To make it even more memorable and to add a bit more jazz, why not consider going to a Makeover Studio in Udaipur? Visit Amrit’s Hair & Beauty Salon for a complete makeover!

Amrit’s Hair & Beauty Salon is a famous beauty salon in Udaipur, Rajasthan- widely known for its makeovers and party/ bridal make ups. Searching for Bridal Makeovers & Makeup Artist in Udaipur? Your search ends here.

Keeping the festive mood insight, our makeup specialists share some valuable insights and tips to make your Dandiya Nights even more special.

  1. Always moisturize your skin before applying foundation. It sets the base perfectly and helps give off a better finish. If you have oily skin, go for water based ultra light moisturizers.
  2. Never forget to prime your skin. Primer conceals pores, thereby, giving the flawless base on which foundation can settle in perfectly.
  3. For night functions, heavy bold eyes look gorgeous. You can use bold color pallets to create the perfect smoky eye look.
  4. Go easy on other features if you are giving bold look to one. For example, pair neutral lips with bold heavy eyes. Use natural lipsticks to give lips a neutral appearance. Alternatively, you can let your lips do the talking by applying bold shades. In that case leave your eyes natural and apply just a little mascara with brown kajal.
  5. Do not forget to show some love and care to your hands. Apply moisturizer to hands, trim nails and coat them with metallic or matte finish nail paint. Nothing looks more unsightly than chipped nail polishes. Ugh!
  6. Do not forget to wear perfume. A little hint of perfume adds that charm and mysteriousness in your personality. But exercise caution. Heavy use of perfumes can make it intolerable for others to even stand near you. Use but in moderation!
  7. Groom your eyebrows. Perfectly shaped eyebrows- set in place with eye brow wax lifts up the entire face. Your look is incomplete without properly groomed eyebrows. A little tip: get you eyebrows done at least a day before. It gives your eyebrows enough time to let the redness and swelling settle down.
  8. Exfoliate your lips. Even the creamiest lipsticks look unsightly on cracked uneven lips. To exfoliate lips- take fine sugar and make a paste with honey and olive oil. With the help of a tooth brush apply the past to lips and scrub with it. Apply little moisturizer on lips few minutes before beginning the makeup. Your lipstick would last longer and look more beautiful.
  9. Never apply more than few coats of nail paint, eyeliner or lipstick. Layering makes it look patchy within seconds.

Falling short of time and want to look like the Garba princess you dreamt of since always? Amrit’s- Makeover Studio in Udaipur– is here to your rescue! We also provide the best bridal makeup in Udaipur.

Amrits Hair n Beauty
Amrits Hair n Beauty
At Amrit’s, we pride ourselves the most on our ability to provide personalized, 1 on 1 service to each client that comes into our salon. You’re not a number at Amrit’s – you’re an individual with specific needs. We don’t cut or style your hair based off a template other than your own bone structure. We work with you to make sure you’re getting the right style based off your hair’s length, texture, and color.

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