Hair Rebonding

Hair Rebonding is the best option for those who want to change their curly hair to permanent straight. Rebonding is the process in which the bonds of your hair are broken with the help of a chemical formula and then neutralizers are applied to restructure them.

We at Amrits Hair n care, take great care in enhancing your hair rebonding experience. Our techniques are best suited for the Indian hair texture. Our specialists take extra care in making sure that you and your loved ones have an unforgettable experience with us.

Every type of hair in this world has a natural bond. The way it may be curly hair or wavy – are because of the natural bonds that give the hair its physical quality. So the stylists at Amrits take extra care while using the cream softener or relaxant while doing the rebonding treatment. The time taken for undergoing a rebonding process totally depends upon the length, type and thickness of your hair. While a man’s hair may take three hours, a woman having long hair might need about 8 hours or more to be rebonded.

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